4 Steps to Looking After Your Travel Money on Holidays

Holiday money is a subject that seems to be discussed everywhere at the moment. This is probably due to the national consciousness seemingly being in a state of wanting to save money wherever possible, but also wanting to take advantage of the many tourist destinations becoming enticing for a winter break after the frustratingly wet summer. However, despite many people offering advice on saving money on travel insurance and sorting out your travel money before you leave the country, there are many things to remember whilst you’re away to ensure that your money is at less of a risk of being lost or stolen.

1. The first things to consider are the pros of carrying a Debit Card. Not only does this mean you can get away with carrying the bare minimum of cash, but you can also get a backup card to leave at home, which can then be sent to you if it does get stolen. A debit card can also be a good safety measure if you need a friend or family member to deposit money into your account from somewhere else in the world in an emergency.

2. When out and about and travelling with more than one person, be sure that each of you carries your own money and cards. This means that it’ll be less likely that you lose all your funds in one foul swoop and that there will more likely be some backup.

3. It might also be practical to purchase a money belt, to again minimize the risk of your purse or bag being snatched or lost. Money belts vary, some are identical to standard canvas belts and are looped through your trousers and are perhaps more suitable for paper money and documents. Other types of money belt are worn under the clothes and against the skin. These are obviously better if you are likely to be wearing clothes that don’t necessitate the wearing of a canvas belt and also have slightly more room.

4. If you do not want to spend money on a new money belt, it is also possible to keep your travel money safer by using a home made money pocket. These can be sewn into trousers quite simply, whilst some women have been trying the Removable Money Hiding Bra Pocket, which is notable for its ingenuity and practicality.